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Karate for the Whole Family
Mr.David Wright - 3rd Degree Black
Tiny Tigers        Lil’ Dragons
Youth Karate     Adult Classes
    Private Lessons
Tiny Tigers ( ages 4 & 5): Monthly Tuition $69
Lil’ Dragons (ages 6 & 7 years): Monthly Tuition $69
This program is specially designed to help your child increase coordination, balance, confidence and build character. Each class begins and ends with a Bow of RESPECT. During their 30 minute class children will warm up with karate related games, learn the basic kicks punches and how to work together with partners. At the end of class the students will cool down with a FUN activity!

Youth Karate (ages 8-12 years): Monthly Tuition $75
Both Boys and Girls can enjoy an exciting and fun way to stay healthy and learn character building. At Victory Karate, we stress quality values such as: honesty, respect, self-discipline, and self-control. It is our goal to relate these same values that we teach in the classroom to the real world and home life. Kids will learn everything from basic punches and kicks to forms and self-defense. 
Three levels of classes are offered:
Beginner: Students, ages 8-12,  just starting karate to those who are fine tuning the basics. 
Advanced: For the experienced students. Invitation only.

Private Lessons:
This is a one-on-one session with the student and Mr. David. Private lessons are for anyone….students just starting out, students who are preparing for upcoming rank tests, or those who have just earned their new rank. Mr. David will make sure that each student feels comfortable with the level of knowledge and skill they are expected to achieve

Teen Classes (ages 13 & up): Monthly Tuition $75
Karate training has been used for centuries to increase fitness, flexibility and stamina. Karate is not only an excellent physical workout, it also improves your focus and concentration while relieving stress for a longer healthier life. This class begins and ends like all classes, with a Bow of RESPECT. In the middle of class each student will have a work out that will shape their body and mind, working on kicks, punches, bag work, cardio and self-defense… it’s the student who makes the class!!!

Equipment Costs:
Full Uniform & Gear: $125.00
* Half uniform deposit due when ordered
*Balance of uniform to be paid the next month

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